Our Range

Standard Chemical Toilets

Chemical portable toilets for events are delivered ready to use and fully stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitiser. They can be sited just about anywhere as long as the surface is level and we can get our vehicles close. Heilan Loos has off road vehicles built for the kind of remote and challenging locations the North of Scotland has in abundance.

Wheelchair Access Portable Toilets

​We have a large stock of disabled toilets which can be hired independently or alongside other loos.

Chemical Toilets for Outdoor Weddings

If your budget won’t stretch to luxury loos for your big day, consider hiring some of our quality plastic loos instead. These are delivered spotlessly clean and smelling fresh, and don’t need to be hooked up to water or electricity.


Using urinals at an outdoor event can drastically reduce queues and keeps the toilet units cleaner for longer. Heilan Loos has two types of urinal available: four-bay open units (PQ Busters) and six-bay enclosed units.

The enclosed unit offers privacy no matter the location but takes up more space during transportation; the open units are less expensive to transport but require screening using rows of portable loos, fencing or security panels.


An IBC or pallet tank is a 1000L reusable industrial container designed for the transport and storage of bulk liquid. We are able to supply and empty IBCs for use as ballast, for food waste storage or for effluent storage during events.

Luxury Loos

​Our luxury loos are a popular option for weddings, parties and corporate events. Find out more…

Portable Baby Changing Units

​The baby changing unit is large enough to fit a pram inside, and contains a toilet as well as a baby changing bench.