About Us

When Heilan Loos was started in 2004, the Clark family went through hundreds of possible names, including all of those puns running through your head right now. Yip, thought of that one. And that one.

They kept things clean (unlike Drop Zone and Wizards of Ooze, both real toilet hire companies based in the States) and chose a name that reflected the location and local focus of the business.

The business has grown to cover an area even larger than the Highlands, but Heilan Loos has kept its attention to customer service and Highland values.

The business is owned and run by Kevin and Keith Clark, who took on Heilan Loos from their parents in 2016, having worked side-by-side with them for several years.

In 2013, Heilan Loos received a special commendation in the Best Family Business category at the Highland Business Awards.

Who's who

Kevin Clark

Kevin Clark - Director

Kevin spent seven years as a recovery mechanic in the Army and took time out to travel in New Zealand before returning home to work in the family business. He handles the logistics and planning side of Heilan Loos, but can often be found behind the wheel of a lorry, or out on site meeting with clients.

Keith Clark

Keith Clark - Director

Keith is Heilan Loos’ chief fixer; a time-served mechanic, he did his apprenticeship in a car garage before joining the family firm to service its fleet of vehicles, trailers and tanks. A keen mountain biker and occasional clock-maker, Keith also holds a full HGV licence so during busier periods, he often gets involved in the delivery of loos to events.



Tracey is usually the first person you speak to at Heilan Loos. She is the office manager, a title which doesn’t begin to describe the number of tasks that she carries out on a daily basis.